Patch Notes

Version 0.4.2:

– Added: The first map cycle is over. The playable, new maps are now “Grunewald Library” & “Morgenstund”.

– Changed: Removed the 2 existing maps to test balance and map bugs on the 2 new maps.
– Changed: For random team selection the game only starts automatically when at least 3 players are ingame.
– Changed: Reduced time until next match starts from 30 to 18 seconds.

– Fixed various spots in “The Chummy Potato”.
– Fixed speed and health of the small pumpkin.
– Fixed sound blast when using “Fly” skill.
– Fixed clamped velocity of the “Fly” skill.
– Fixed: Player count is now correctly displayed in the server browser.


Version 0.3.6:

– Added Hunter first person mesh and animation
– Added option to show ally witches (hidden by default in mobification)

– Changed the way how sleeping props are replicated, which should fix certain prop issues (some props are popping on interaction, wheelbarrow glitches etc.). This is an experimental change.
– Changed cooldown for transforming into other props from 0 to 0.5 seconds.
– Changed maximum amount of taunts per second to 1, stacking up to max 10 taunts if not used.
– Changed minimum resolution to 800×600.
– Changed: Increased the maximum bandwidth use per player on the server by 50%.
– Changed: Reduced chicken detection radius by 20%
– Changed: Reduced the movement speed of all props by 5%

– Fixed ping display: it should now show the correct ping
– Fixed: Hunters could sometimes see witches in hud in mobification mode
– Fixed house shader on low settings. Houses are no longer transparent on some Intel Gpus when settings are at low. It will still occur on higher settings. Updating the Gpu driver should fix this.

– Fixed transparent fade for flowerpots
– Fixed some spots in the Winter Dream map.(yes talking about the fence here)
– Fixed: Witches could transform into the same prop.

Version 0.3.5

– Added 3rd person camera to the Hunter. Default key binding is “T”.
– Added Mobification (Infection) Game mode.
– Added Max hunters option for random team selection mode.
– Added visual and audio notification when a phase is about to end.

– Changed Hunter skin back to default skin.
– Changed Winter Dream Map: removed the christmas theme.
– Changed: Removed standard prop layout of the map and have 5 layouts instead.
– Changed: reduced the health of the book.
– Changed: reduced hide time from 30 to 20 secs.
– Changed: increased search time from 3 to 4 mins.
– Changed pitchfork model.

– Fixed: Hunters were able to move under the map when the plank at the doors disappeared at the start of the seeking phase.
– Fixed more broken map hiding spots.
– Fixed jumping wheel on the barrow. If it’s still happening please let us know.
– Fixed: Reverted physical movement is being calculated on server only because it leads to Server sleep out of sync issues.
– Fixed: SteamVR is no longer starting when the game starts.

Version 0.3.4

– Added an experimental gamemode for more variety in gameplay. Select it in custom match.
– Added Fullscreen and VSync option.
– Added new easter egg props in random layouts.
– Added the option to sign up for the Holiday gifts in main menu.

– Changed: plate nerf: reduced health and speed also texture is now brighter.
– Changed: reduced apple and pear health.

– Fixed the glitch where hunters could look through the ceiling in start zone.
– Fixed map border areas where you could stand on an invisible wall

Version 0.3.3:

– Added new small Easter egg to the map (playable)

– Changed: plate is now a little bigger
– Changed physical movement is now being calculated on server only leading to less jitter on client.
– Changed several prop names

– Fixed various spots in the map (thx to Merez and his nice gif’s)
– Fixed game was not ending after last witch died.
– Fixed timer in random is not working properly.

Version 0.3.2:

– Added spam protection in chat.
– Added character limit in chat.
– Added closing chat by using escape.
– Added second bounce pad to the map.
– Added patch notes to mainmenu.

– Changed maximum amount of hunters to 4 in random team selection mode.
– Changed: temporarily removed hunter to hunter collisions to prevent bad player behavior
– Changed apple and pear size. Both are bigger now.
– Changed: disabled camera shaking and rolling in spectator mode.
– Changed maximum amount of players to 16 instead of 48 (sorry, but the experience really suffers with 48 players).

– Fixed deactivated player list (using tab) after joining into another game.
– Fixed lock function is being triggered when using shift if chat is open.
– Fixed timer for random team selection mode.
– Fixed game restarting if player leaves in team selection (especially in random team selection mode).
– Fixed many small hiding spots on the map.
– Fixed Music and sound volume saving.
– Fixed back button double click in KeyBinding settings.